Faces of Clark

Residents encounter several friendly faces as they walk through the corridors of Clark. In an effort to replicate the experience you would have walking through campus, we’ve compiled the stories of a few of our community members to highlight their experience here. These are the Faces of Clark.

How the Clark Team Is Making a Difference

A Future Keller Lake Resident “Made the Right Choice”

More About Clark Retirement Community

Les – Resident at Clark for 1 year

“Before Clark, my wife and I were living in our condo, which is very similar to what we have here. We could have stayed there forever, but Clark offers us so much more opportunity to be involved and to enjoy the things we love.”




Kathy – Resident at Clark for 2 years

“Before Clark, I’d come home at night and be by myself. I didn’t like living alone. Now, I come here and I can be alone if I’d like, but if I want someone to talk to, there’s common areas to chat. It’s home.”




Mary Ellen – Resident at Clark for 1 year

“I would tell someone considering a move to a retirement community to decide for yourself when you’re ready. People look at us and say, ‘Oh, but you could still stay in your home.’ Yes, we could have, but it was a lot of work that we no longer have to worry about. We have more free time now. Yes, it’s a transition but it is very freeing.”

Dave – Resident at Clark for 4 months

“The staff at Clark is outstanding. I can’t tell you what I like better, the campus, the staff, or all the things that they do.”







Madelyn – Resident at Clark for 2 years

“I’m the first one in my family to be in a retirement community. When I was 86, I had triple bypass surgery, which was a complete surprise and shook up my family. After I recovered, they worried about me being alone at my home. My daughters looked at several retirement communities and when I asked them which one they liked best they said, ‘Clark because every person there smiled at us and said hello, so we thought they must like living there.'”

Elaine – Housekeeper at Clark

“I think what makes Clark different is the love expressed toward the residents. There is a lot of caring and we always put them first. You can truly feel the love.”

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