Clark's Leadership Team

At Clark Retirement


Alli Benedict

Volunteer Services Coordinator (616) 452-1666 ext. 140

Chris Simons

Director of Dementia and Life Enrichment Services  (616) 452-1666 ext. 224

Jennie Cherrette

Sales Counselor - Franklin and Keller Lake Campuses  (616) 452-1666 ext. 262

Jennifer Masters

Director of Nursing Services  (616) 452-1666 ext. 115

Judy Van Lente

Sales Counselor - Franklin Campus  (616) 452-1666 ext. 466

Justin Stonehouse

Manager of Capital Projects and Facilities  (616) 452-1666 ext. 240

Lindy Bonter

Director of Human Resources (616) 452-1666 ext. 106

Lisa Spangler

Transitions Coordinator  (616) 452-1666 ext. 172

LuAnn Hansen

Executive Director - Franklin Campus  (616) 452-1666 ext. 293

Melissa Guigue

Sales Counselor - Keller Lake Campus (616) 452-1666 ext. 266

Nancy Ayers

Executive Director - Keller Lake Campus  (616) 452-1666 ext. 253

Renee Foster

Director of Finance  (616) 452-1666 ext. 126

Wendy Kroll

Director of Sales & Marketing  (616) 452-1666 ext. 102

Board of Trustees

Clark Retirement Community is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Board is responsible for overseeing the business, fiscal management, and policy development of Clark Retirement Community.

Trustees are all volunteers who are committed to the mission, vision, and values of Clark. Each member can serve up to three consecutive 3-year terms.


Steve Finney, Chair

Bob Gillette, Vice Chair

Gregg Richardson, Treasurer

Beth Kelly, Secretary


Dr. Suzeanne Benet

Spencer Brown

Dr. Jayne Courts

Dave Gombert

Dale Grogan

Kathleen Holt

Ex-Officio Members

Dr. Michael Crete

William Haggard

Brian Pangle

Rev. Dick Selleck

CarolAnn Youells