Clark Commitment


A commitment is an obligation or a promise. We make commitments when we get married, or when we sign a mortgage. We make a commitment when we have children, and when we take a job. Commitments are serious business. They should only be given after deep thought, and only if they reflect the honest intentions of the heart.

The Clark Commitment - to provide lifelong care to every resident - is a very serious promise. When we give this commitment, we are forming a partnership with a resident and his or her family. That partnership ensures that no matter what happens, we will continue to care for residents. Regardless of the unknown health issues that might lurk in their future, they are safe. They won’t have to leave; they won’t be uprooted. When people come to Clark they come home, and here they will stay.

How are we able to fulfill this commitment? Only through the generous giving of donors through the Clark Foundation. Each year, our donors give more than $1 million to support the Benevolent Care needs of this community.

The Clark Commitment means that the last pages of life’s story - however many are written - will be filled with joy, serenity and and quality care.